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07 Jan '16

Wall decals and those darn textured walls!

Posted by Eric McGuire in textured walls

I recently had a customer contact me because the decal they installed was starting to pull away from the wall. I thought this was strange because we use the best vinyl available and have never had a customer have that problem before.  I soon found out that they had applied their decal to a textured wall.  Ahhhh... now I understand!  While we do not recommend purchasing wall decals for textured walls, it isn't impossible. In fact, I have textured walls in my own home that I have applied decals to. I feel your pain!

The best way to insure that your decal stays on the wall for the long haul is to simply heat up the decal with a hair dryer while you apply it. Warm it up and REALLY rub it into the wall.  What this does is re-form the vinyl to the textures in the wall.  That's it!  Just remember to take your time.

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