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07 Aug '16

5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

Posted by Eric McGuire in home decor

5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

You might have moved into an apartment that you had once thought was the cutest place ever, or you might have dressed up your house a few years ago and suddenly none of it seems right.

Making a few changes around your living space once in a while is a nice way to freshen up your life. It can be something as small as changing around the furniture or mixing up a few decoration pieces, or if your budget allows it, even getting a new couch or curtains. And of course... wall decals!

  1. Play Around with Color

Paint can make a lot of difference. You could paint a single wall in your bedroom or living room a bright color or choose a light, fresh color to paint all the walls in a room. This helps a lot if you feel a certain room feels too dingy or drab and could use some freshening up.

Apart from paint, bright accessories can also add some much-needed color in dull rooms.  A throw on the couch or new cushions will do the trick!


  1. Make Some Kitchen Adjustments

For some people the kitchen is one of the most important spots in your home, especially if you entertain a lot of guests and have a big enough kitchen. Refreshing the paint or the texture of kitchen cabinets is a good option. You don’t necessarily need to invest a ton of money into getting entirely new cabinets.


  1. Get More Flowers!

This can be especially effective if you have any windows facing the garden or floor-length windows around the house. A collection of new flowerpots on your windowsill or on the front-porch makes your home look happy and welcoming. Perennial flowers are a great option if you are a newbie at gardening, and if you divide them every three to six years you can avoid the problem of flowers – like day lilies - clumping together. This tip is also great for controlling their size and increase the variety growing in your garden.


  1. Get a Ceiling Fan

This may not seem like an upfront way of falling in love with your place, but the comfort and low bills they can lead to, score some points on this list anyway. Ceiling fans can dramatically reduce the electricity bills for air conditioning in the summer and in the winter! They circulate heated air to keep rooms cozy and create cooling breezes in the summer.


  1. Get Organized!

This might possible be the most difficult and the easiest thing to do on this list. Homes can feel oppressive and tired just by standing around if there is a lot of clutter. Minimizing clutter is one of the best ways to suddenly feel lighter in your house.

Formulate a system to your house and make drawers and cabinet spaces organized, and hence more useful. Use dividers to compartmentalize your clutter. After sorting it out, get rid of what you need.


And to wrap it up, don’t be afraid of spending a little. If you feel like the investment is worth it and make your home a place where you feel completely at peace, chances are it will be worth it.